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Fixed Brace Solutions
For Straight Teeth

Some patients prefer fixed orthodontic appliances to achieve straight teeth and the best possible improvement of their smile.

Modern brackets are quite small and can be clear, making fixed braces more discreet and attractive than they used to be.

As part of your comprehensive consultation, we will take you through all of the appropriate treatment options.

CFast™ Fixed Braces
CFast™ Fixed Braces

Conventional yet contemporary smile straightening solutions using wires, CFast™ clear braces may be an ideal solution for those seeking fast adjustments to their front teeth.

These clear braces target the top six front teeth and the bottom six teeth. For people with crowded or “gapped” front teeth – but without complicated bite problems – CFast™ braces may be the perfect solution. With CFast™ braces, orthodontic treatment can be completed in about half the time of traditional fixed braces. This means that you could have straighter teeth in less than six months!

CFast – The Benefits

CFast™ has benefits over conventional orthodontic treatments:

  • Treatment time with CFast™ Braces is typically six months, much shorter than most orthodontic treatments.
  • CFast™ braces are designed with comfort in mind – they move teeth quickly and without major discomfort.
  • The CFast™ braces have clear brackets and look discreet and can barely be noticed by others.
  • They make the smile more attractive by enabling the gums to follow the teeth.
  • Compared to other treatments, CFast is less expensive and is age-appropriate for all patients.
Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are modern orthodontic braces that speed up treatment time. Six Month Smiles offer a discreet way to straighten teeth being tooth-coloured. Comparing Six Month Smiles with other fixed braces, there are some significant differences, namely that they only focus on cosmetic dental alignment at the smile line rather than complete bite correction.

Six Month Smiles – The Benefits
  • In comparison with conventional fixed braces, these braces are very discreet as they have tooth-coloured brackets.
  • A greater variety of problems can be addressed with them than with removable aligners.
  • Only the teeth that are visible when you smile are treated and can be straightened in as little as six months.
  • Six Month Smiles is ideal for people who want a beautiful smile in a short amount of time.
Six Month Smiles
How do I get straight teeth?

To begin your orthodontic treatment, we recommend that you have a consultation with Dr Vipul Patel to discuss your custom treatment plan in detail. Fixed brace treatment can help you with a variety of orthodontic issues, including overcrowded teeth, tooth gaps, and twisted teeth.

Your consultation will include going through all teeth-straightening options along with a bespoke treatment plan.


After Fixed Braces – keep your straighter teeth for life

To maintain the teeth’s position following orthodontic treatment, a retainer is required.

  • Retainers are custom-made appliances that maintain and hold the alignment of your teeth.
  • Retainers can be either removable aligners or fixed to your teeth. Your dentist will advise on the best retainers for you.
  • Fixed or bonded retainers are an alternative to removing your retainer if you feel you might forget to wear a removable appliance.

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