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Maintaining good oral hygiene is a very important aspect of dental care. If the bacteria in our mouths is removed on a regular basis, then we are unlikely to develop tooth decay and gum disease.

Our highly skilled and gentle hygienists are able to clean the teeth much more thoroughly than is possible at home.

They can also help in preventing, identifying, and in some cases treating gum disease.

Our 9-point Hygiene Appointments

Our dental hygiene appointments include:

Our 9-point Hygiene Appointments
  • 1. Plaque removal – we carefully remove the bacterial deposits (plaque/dental biofilm) and calculus (tartar)from your mouth.
  • 2. Flossing – between your teeth.
  • 3. Polishing – your teeth so they are smooth and shiny.
  • 4. Stain removal – stains build up over time from tea, coffee, red wine or other foods and drinks.
  • 5. Air flow – our hygienists use the latest and best products including the Air Flow system for the best and most comfortable clean. Please click here for more information.
  • 6. Bespoke Hygiene Plan – these comprehensive plans aim to improve any existing issues and to formulate a maintenance plan to secure optimum long-term dental and gum health.
  • 7. Coaching you – to become an excellent cleaner – they will ensure you are using the correct cleaning products and cleaning aids for your needs and ensure you are using the correct techniques so you have an effective home care routine.
  • 8. Providing dietary advice – our diets can significantly affect our dental health as well as our general health. Frequent intake of sugar and acidic foods and drinks can cause cavities and erosion (tooth wear). Certain foods and drinks can also cause staining. Our hygienists will assess and give preventative advice and recommendations to improve your oral health.
  • 9. Freshening your Breath – all the above will give you a cleaner mouth which means you will have fresher breath.
Our 9-point Hygiene Appointments

Guided Biofilm Therapy

We provide the latest dental hygiene treatment Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) as part of our
Hygiene and Prevention appointments.

GBT is the revolutionary and modern way to remove plaque and stains!

Please visit our Guided Biofilm Therapy page for information.

What is Gum Disease?
What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease (Periodontal Disease or Periodontitis) is a serious condition and is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. Early signs of gum disease include bleeding gums and/or receding gums.

Unfortunately, once the disease is more advanced it is not reversible but it can be stabilised with effective oral hygiene and periodontal treatment if necessary – click here for our Periodontal Specialist Gum Treatment page. If gum disease is left untreated, gums can recede, teeth can become loose, infections and abscesses can appear and ultimately loss of the tooth itself.

Our hygienists can help prevent gum disease by early identification and by early intervention of the disease because it is preventable and can be managed by good oral hygiene.

  • Tooth

    We recommend all patients to visit the dental hygienist every six-months

  • Tooth

    Those at risk of developing gum disease should attend more frequently

  • Tooth

    You can see our hygienists despite not being a patient with us

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