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GBT has transformed
dental hygiene for
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GBT, the latest dental hygiene treatment, replaces traditional cleaning methods with a revolutionary system, providing pain-free oral healthcare.

The system utilizes ‘Air Flow’ technology, combining warm water, air, and gentle powder to effectively remove biofilm and bacteria from the mouth.

GBT Oral Hygiene Therapy
GBT Oral Hygiene Therapy

Dental biofilm is a sticky film comprising microorganisms, predominantly bacteria, that adhere to oral surfaces. It serves as a primary contributor to tooth decay, gum disease (Periodontitis), and infections surrounding implants (Perio-implantitis). Periodontitis may elevate the risk of systemic diseases, including cardiovascular and respiratory ailments, arthritis, and diabetes.

  • GBT is a preventive and therapeutic approach to gum disease, promoting optimal oral health. It stands out as the least invasive, most comfortable, safe, and efficient method for biofilm removal, backed by scientific evidence.
  • GBT is gentle on your soft tissues, restorations, orthodontic braces, implants, and teeth, ensuring comprehensive care without causing harm or discomfort.
  • It stands as one of the most minimally invasive treatments for managing oral biofilm in patients with perio-implantitis, offering effective care with minimal disruption.

The 8 Steps of The GBT Protocol

The 8 Steps of The GBT Protocol
Guided Biofilm Therapy FAQs
Does GBT hurt?

You can rest assured that GBT is not painful or uncomfortable, making it particularly popular among children and individuals with exposed dentin and hypersensitivity. You’ll receive top-quality treatment without any discomfort.

Can I have GBT if I’m wearing braces?

If you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, keeping your appliances clean can be challenging for both you and your clinicians when relying solely on traditional methods to remove biofilm. This increases your risk of developing caries and periodontal disease. Regular professional oral hygiene is highly recommended. GBT not only aids in motivation but also enables more effective and safe biofilm removal.

Does GBT remove staining from teeth?

GBT stands as a superior option for stain removal without the need for abrasive polishing pastes, rubber cups, or polishing brushes. It’s recommended before undergoing teeth whitening for enhanced results. Regular oral hygiene, coupled with professional measures, effectively controls biofilm, promoting better oral and systemic health.

Is GBT regulated?

GBT adheres to the recommendations of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) regarding Professional Mechanical Plaque Removal (PMPR) and Oral Hygiene Instructions (OHI) for Home Care, ensuring alignment with best practices in oral healthcare.

For more information on Guided Biofilm Therapy please download the brochure:

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