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Smile Fast Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry &
Smile Design

SmileFast is the ground-breaking new development in Smile Design, Smile Preview and Provision of Smile Makeovers.

This technology uses a combination of digital design and composite bonding technique that’s quick and non-invasive, to help correct imperfections and achieve your dream smile.

The Composite Bonding Method
The Composite Bonding Method

To patients seeking cosmetic dental enhancements, we proudly offer Smile Fast. With this innovative Composite Bonding technique, results can be accomplished quickly, easily, and affordably.

  • Composite Bonding creates the illusion of different shapes, sizes, and colours on natural teeth.
  • Composite is a tooth-coloured material that is permanently applied to the tooth surface. Essentially, the procedure corrects very mild crookedness, minimizes spacing between teeth, and restores worn down teeth.
  • It is not necessary to drill or remove the natural tooth during the procedure. For optimum adhesion, sanding or roughening are sufficient.
  • We can not only restore worn teeth and mild crowding, but also achieve symmetry, create the correct morphology, and achieve perfect shapes. Most procedures are completed within two to three hours in a single appointment.
The Smile Fast Difference

Using aesthetic smile design principles between four to eight of the front teeth can be modified to make your smile appear more balanced.

A 3D-printed diagnostic template is created from photos of your teeth and a digital scan of your mouth. There is no drilling or removal of the natural tooth, only some minimal roughening or sanding so the composite material adheres better.

SmileFast allows you to visualise your planned new smile, understand the treatment journey and then experience the smile-changing results.

By cutting out most of the time-consuming preliminary stages, SmileFast has simplified the process of smile design meaning treatment is faster and more affordable.

The Smile Fast Difference

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