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CEREC crowns are a same-day solution for state-of-the-art tooth restoration.

Same Day Crowns allow you to walk into the practice with a problem with your existing teeth and walk out with a brand-new crown, on the same day.

Dental research has shown that heavily filled teeth are at risk of fracture. This is because as the fillings become larger the walls of teeth become thinner. Thin walls are less able to withstand the forces of the bite and under heavy loads they flex leading to fractures.

Same Day Crowns Procedure
Same Day Crowns Procedure

To protect heavily filled teeth from fracture we place crowns. A crown covers the entire biting surface of a tooth and all walls down to gum level. If we do not protect vulnerable teeth from fracture we take the risk that they may fracture in a way that make them unrestorable.

Traditionally these crowns were all made by external labs. This meant two visits often two weeks apart with a somewhat delicate temporary crown for the interim period.

Utilising the latest state of the art technology we are now able to make these crowns for your teeth in one 90 minute visit. We have in house digital scanners and milling machines which produce highly accurate ceramic crowns in one visit. So no need for temporary crowns or a second visit. For more information see:

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